JEwelry Appraisal Services

Jewelry, Diamond & Gemstone Appraisal Services in Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW)

 Jewelry Appraisals while you wait


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Insurance Replacement Appraisals

Purpose: A replacement value report is used by your insurance company to provide descriptive and value information to insure your jewelry items against loss or damage.

Fees: We offer a fun and interactive experience while you wait.  We will determine which type of appraisal is appropriate for your situation, and you will be given a detailed description of each item including the 4 C's for diamond jewelry when your appraisal is completed. Verbal appraisals start at $50.

Estate Jewelry Appraisals

Purpose: Used for estate valuation purposes, it is necessary to determine inheritance taxes on individual estates. Fair market value as defined by the IRS is used and a listing of comparable sales is required by law for this type of valuation.

Divorce Settlement/Dissolution of Marriage (Equitable Distribution)

Purpose: For equitable division of community property, fair market value is used.

Jewelry Appraisals While You Wait

All appraisals are by appointment. For one or two items an appointment usually take 45 minutes. In most instances, the appraisal is completed and given to you at the end of the appointment.

Each article of jewelry is measured, weighed and described in details, metal content determined and setting described. When we have finished evaluating your jewelry, you will receive an appraisal report to take with you. It includes a digital picture of the item on the appraisal report.

On site, rush, or in-vault jewelry appraisals are available at an additional fee.

Convenient Jewelry Appraisal Office Location

We operate a state-of-the-art & certified mobile operation. Appointments available at one of our Dallas jewelry appraisal office or a location of your choice.